Magdalene Visaggio writes comics, so that’s cool. Check this shit: she's the creator of KIM & KIM, KIM & KIM: LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD, and QUANTUM TEENS ARE GO, all at Black Mask Studios. In addition, she's totally done work for DC and Marvel, and has an unannounced project at Oni. So suck it, losers. 

She also sometimes writes things for Paste Magazine. Wow, if her college English teachers could see her now. But honestly, they probably wouldn't care. Maybe, like, her high school creative writing teacher would care? Mags should email her.


She has a degree in English from Virginia Commonwealth University. She also studied Ethics & Moral Theology at Seton Hall University, but she dropped out. All the cool kids are theology dropouts.

Everything's coming up Kim&Kim

(She's Very Cool I Promise)



" of the best ass-kicking, patriarchy-smashing, queer-rocking comics since Midnighter..."






"KIM & KIM is a technicolor carousel of guitars, guns, cephalopods and a pair of interstellar guttersnipes just trying to get by. Cabrera, Aguirre & Visaggio have created a madcap world huge enough to contain interdimensional traveling shapeshifters but small enough to get wrapped up in the bounty-hunting as indie rock travails of the Kims in question. KIM & KIM is a beautiful, foulmouthed book.”


 - Christopher Sebela: We(l)come Back, Dead Letters, Heartthrob

"KIM & KIM is BLADE RUNNER meets JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS -- high energy, infused with fun, unabashedly progressive, hypermodern Rock & Roll adventure in an electric future!”


- Steve Orlando: Midnighter, Supergirl, Batman & Robin Eternal



"An incandescent pop thrill!"


- Kieron Gillen, The Wicked + The Divine, Phonogram


“Kim & Kim is phenomenal, capital F “fun,” and gives no f**ks, thanks to the stellar team of Mags Visaggio, Eva Cabrera, Claudia Aguirre, Zakk Saam, and Katy Rex (whom I suspect may be real-life galactic bounty hunters, or have formed a punk band). It’s everything I want in a comic: bleeding with style, grabbing your shirt collar, and dragging you into a kick-ass world with the promise of one hell of a ride. Kim & Kim is a book that Tank Girl herself would approve.”


 - Ryan Ferrier: D4VE, Hot Damn, Curb Stomp

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